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welcome to the livejournal community for the mmorpg FlyFF.
please read the rules before posting.
check the memories before asking questions.

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:O [18 May 2009|08:32pm]

Well now I need to dig into LJ more often :D 

Yay for a Flyff Community! :D <333

I've Only got characters on Lawolf :O
v5 RM  n-n; only lv 81 sadly... I feel pretty lazy with him : username : xXDaisukeXx , Queen Guild
lv 67 BP , STR : username : Lazulli , ArdoniaKnights Guild Leader
lv67 BJ : username: IlluminatiLuna , Currently Guildless but i am trying to get her into TheLegendary.. I've got another day n a half before I can put her in that :O

...uhm.. I'm on a lot if Anyone Needs any help.. or just wants to chat n-n;;
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V13 Blog [09 Apr 2009|01:58am]

Version 13 already? Apparently so.

Here's a sneak peek from a GM blog with a few caps from the new Island.

(of course, it's more premium content.)
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i'm so sad right now..considering quitting if it doesn't work out :( [16 Feb 2009|10:16pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

So yeah,

I decided to use some of my cash I've made from the Shade's Respite event.  SOoooooo I used my Spros from the server downtime event, and my Suns from the Shade event to get my Historic Knuckle from +8 to +10  THAT went in 16 Spros from 8 to 10...so pretty good overall.  THEN I apparently got greedy.  I decided what the hell, i've got some Ruby pieces (enough for like 11 or 12 Rubies) and the suns/moons to make oriculums, so I go to Flaris and buy like 12 XPros, and start to try to Ultimate it.  6 tries in, all fails, of course.  THEN on the 7th or 8th try, I forget which one, it fails, BUT the Knuckle is destroyed.  I did the same thing on that one I did on every other one, but it failed and broke my +10 HK with 1% Crittycakes awaken :(

I'm so sad...hoping the GM's feel pitty on my poor soul and decide to restore it :(

just thought i'd share my sob story for the evening.  Sigh.

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Greetings! [15 Feb 2009|03:26pm]

[ mood | perplexed ]

Hiya! I'm new to this community.
I rejoined Flyff two days ago after a long absence. I used to play it back when there was a hole in that one bridge in Flaris that everyone would fall into (including me on numerous occasions). I was an acro, but I only got to level 18 before the EXP became ridiculous for me. I'm really bad at games obviously. XP

Now I'm a level 20 assist (AngelicAsuka) in Clockwork, but I only got that way because someone plvl'd me for free. It was just so random. I got invited to be in a party with him and them BOOM! Does this happen to people often? .__.
It's not that I'm ungrateful, but it's just weird.

I'm planning to be a billposter by the way~!

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gah...I really fail at posting today, here's pic lol [06 Feb 2009|12:07pm]


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yay I can finally buy the good equips I want for my BP :) [06 Feb 2009|12:03pm]


yay for the Shade event, lolz.  

I'm debating on getting a decent Legendary Golden Glove and ax'ing my H knuck +8+3electric.

anyone have experience with LGG vs. H knuck on a highish level 1v1 full STR BP, damage-output wise?  how's it compare?  if it helps I have 42% Critical Rate with my HK on.
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Yo. [03 Feb 2009|10:51am]

[ mood | bored ]

Hello all, I just joined this community like, .03 seconds ago. ;o I just started getting back into LJ a couple days ago (kinda sick of grinding lol) and I didn't know there was a Flyff community till now. XD Anywaysss.

Some of you may have seen me around before, I post on the officials as aishiri and on FlyffWorld as PinkPlasticNinja. I've been playing for a little under a year now, I started February last year. And since then, this MMO has pretty much taken over my life sadly.

I play on the Mushpoie server and co-lead a guild called TheDotHackers which was created two or so years ago by my boyfriend who runs around on a blade named Kiryukotsu. It was never really active until I waltzed in and revived it. Hueahueahueah.

And um. Here are my characters? D:

Aishiri - Level 100 Mastah Blade
KurotsuchiNemu - Level 104 FS RM (aka my blade's buffwhoar)
AzureAishiri - Level 85 AoE BP
Tsukiyoko - Level 77 Crucio/AoE Psykeeper
Kiyoh - Level 72 YJ
Nagori - Level 61 FS RM (aka my jester's buffwhoar)
Hokori - Level 61 Elementor

... and some other nubs under 60 that no one cares about. :D

But yeah. Hi.

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Seeking Partner [03 Feb 2009|11:14am]

Soo my friend got me into Flyff. She had a higher levelled BP, but made an acro to help me level the Assist I was going to make.


she kinda stopped playing.

So now I have a lv 33 FS and for the life of me I cannot find someone to party with me. >(
Nobody answers when I shout, and whenever I go around asking people levelling by myself, they are really rude to me. :I

Is there anybody on the Lawolf server who could use a partner? x|
Or could give me advice on finding one?
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Trading items. [25 Jan 2009|01:40am]

I have two CS items in which i want to trade.
There both for female. Dark nurse hat and shoes [F]
I want to trade them for a different hat. I want to trade the dark nurse hat for the vampire hat [F]. The shoes I don't really care for. I'll trade them for any CS item as long as it's not pink or ninja. Any one care to offer?
Server: Mushpoie
IGN: Twilightrose
Drop me a PM anytime.
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new Asal record for me, yay :) [09 Jan 2009|12:53am]


103,850 Asal on Clocks :)  havn't been able to test in PVP yet...havn't found a good tank yet. 

IGN: metalligimp
Server: Lawolf
Class: Billposter
Level: 112
Build: Full Strength

No Holycross, only my buffs and my set/knuck/shield :)  Should be fun in PVP land, lolz. 

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First Post [31 Dec 2008|02:12pm]

[ mood | good ]

Hello all. Just wanted to say hey and post my characters. I'm kind of in flyff withdrawal because I'm out of town and using a computer that is not capable of running flyff, as crazy as that sounds. Anyway here they are...

Aibatt Server
Lvl 66 BP Anubis777
Lvl 63 Blade MaxPower666
Lvl 60 Str BP Nedsmitty777
Lvl 59 Acro(soon to be BJ) NedSmitty
Lvl 5x Pure Int Mage (going for Satan Psy) Baphomet666

I got a few other Vagrants I made but never worked on. Just like to try different builds and see what happens.

Happy Flyffing, and Happy New Year!!!

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Demian Server [29 Dec 2008|08:43pm]

Just wanted to say...

4x EXP event.

That is all.
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Question for you all [10 Dec 2008|10:11pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Hello everyone.  I just remembered that I started a blog/diary about what I do in Flyff.  I like to write, so it's not such a weird thing for me to do.  Does anyone else do this?  Do you keep track of how you level each day, how many hours you play, people you meet, and stuff like that?

Another thing...I'm about to spend a month on Glaphan.  Anyone want a new friend?  :)

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So...first entry in this community [28 Nov 2008|12:30pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Yeah, hi, I'm from Demian. Just wanted to say Hi. Thought this community would be right for me, since I play Flyff lolz.

Anyway, I have almost ALL the jobs in the game, except the Mage classes. Knights, by far, are my favorite even though they are mediocre in-game ;-;

Hmm, guess I'll list all my characters

heavymetalfan - 7x FSRM (Active)
AoErulz - 9x Knight (Retired)
BPRulz - 7x BP (Active)
YJapparently - 6x YJ (Retired)
Hoshizen - 6x Blade (Retired)
Mortification - 6x Ranger (Retired)

Though I don't have a lot of high levels. None in fact *doesn't consider 90 high* I'll try to help anyone with anything, since before I start a character, I try and learn all I can about the job and skills entailed in the job.

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[21 Nov 2008|09:39am]

So I'm a lvl 64 Yoyo Jester who was in desperate need of a guardian yoyo.

Of course, everything is insanely expensive nowadays, so finding one at a reasonable price is kind of impossible. I just levelled upto 64 about an hour ago, and was going to head off to the Saint Morning Dungeon to get some grrr bandages when someone asked me if I wanted a GYoYo.

Naturally, I said yes. So he flew off to get it, came back, and asked me how much I thought it would be. I told him probably 3mil, 'coz let's face it...it's a GYoyo+6, it's going to be expensive...and I only had 28 mil on me.

He said he would give it to me for 10 mil.

i'm ecstatic. So we get to talking and I ask him about his Cruiser Set, 'coz I need one, too (I'm tired of getting beaten up by Cranes, it's annoying). Well, he tells me he has another set that he wants to give me. For FREE.

This has to be the coolest guy in all of Flyff, I swear to everything holy in existence.

This just totally made my day~

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[19 Nov 2008|09:02pm]

[ mood | confused ]

a sad, sad ending to x3 exp... let's all take a moment of silence to remember the good times we had with it...


ok, now that we had our sad moment, i have 2 questions. they probably sound stupid to most of you, because you all have been playing FlyFF much longer than i have, but it would be verrrry helpful to know the answers to these....

1. what is the highest level you can get up to?

2. if you have a pet, one that picks up items for you and stuff, like a baby aibatt, if its out when you die, does it die too?

thanks to everyone who answers these. and i want you to post questions so i (lol highly unlikely...) or someone else can answer them, so i know the answers too.. it would be helpful for everyone^^

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[17 Nov 2008|10:05pm]

Thank god for 3X EXP~

I've already gone up 10 levels in the past couple of days (I probably would have gotten to lvl 60 by now but we had a thunderstorm that just wouldn't allow me to get online at all...stupid thunder...), and I hope to become a Jester soon~

My name is Taiyomaru and I'm on the Glaphan server, so if you see me say hi!

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YOUR FlyFF updates... [15 Nov 2008|05:18pm]

FlyFF name: tocksik

right now, i'm a mage... TRYING to accomplish the quest for psykeeper, but the stupid guardian monster keeps killing me...

anyone else?
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anyone selling Rody+8 set on Lawolf? [08 Nov 2008|05:31pm]


Is ANYONE selling a Rody set on Lawolf, preferbably +8 16% attack, for around like...700 million or so, maybe less?   Nothing extravagant needed...just the basic +8 16% atk (or 0/4, i'll provide the 4% Lightnings).  I'm getting really frustrated...my 103 1v1 BP is still in his Alext+8 12% atk set and hits for crap and doesn't crit, ever.    I'm about to quit him alltogether.  If you do have one for sale, PLEASE contact me on here or via metalligimp within FlyFF itself (or my RM, iWontBuffU, also on Lawolf). 
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Flyff Downtime [24 Oct 2008|02:27pm]

[ mood | angry ]

Ok so Flyff has been down for a day and a half now because of stupid hackers. Grrrrr!!!!!

The hackers IGN is Toguro lol so if you know him or you somehow still see him on Flyff then you can all gang up on him. He is a lvl 115 Knight.

The reason that he hacked into the game was because he wanted Gala-net to give give something that he didnt have on Flyff and that if they didnt give it to him then he would delete Flyff. What a selfish
Bastard seriously. I dont know what he wants exactly lol but its not fair cause their will probably be rollbacks.

I managed to get my new assist to lvl 59 from 49 in the last 2 days so if their are rollbacks then i will have to lvl up all them lvls again :(

I thought id let you all know why the server downtime is happening for all you people that are missing playing Flyff

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