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Flyff Downtime

Ok so Flyff has been down for a day and a half now because of stupid hackers. Grrrrr!!!!!

The hackers IGN is Toguro lol so if you know him or you somehow still see him on Flyff then you can all gang up on him. He is a lvl 115 Knight.

The reason that he hacked into the game was because he wanted Gala-net to give give something that he didnt have on Flyff and that if they didnt give it to him then he would delete Flyff. What a selfish
Bastard seriously. I dont know what he wants exactly lol but its not fair cause their will probably be rollbacks.

I managed to get my new assist to lvl 59 from 49 in the last 2 days so if their are rollbacks then i will have to lvl up all them lvls again :(

I thought id let you all know why the server downtime is happening for all you people that are missing playing Flyff
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