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Hello all, I just joined this community like, .03 seconds ago. ;o I just started getting back into LJ a couple days ago (kinda sick of grinding lol) and I didn't know there was a Flyff community till now. XD Anywaysss.

Some of you may have seen me around before, I post on the officials as aishiri and on FlyffWorld as PinkPlasticNinja. I've been playing for a little under a year now, I started February last year. And since then, this MMO has pretty much taken over my life sadly.

I play on the Mushpoie server and co-lead a guild called TheDotHackers which was created two or so years ago by my boyfriend who runs around on a blade named Kiryukotsu. It was never really active until I waltzed in and revived it. Hueahueahueah.

And um. Here are my characters? D:

Aishiri - Level 100 Mastah Blade
KurotsuchiNemu - Level 104 FS RM (aka my blade's buffwhoar)
AzureAishiri - Level 85 AoE BP
Tsukiyoko - Level 77 Crucio/AoE Psykeeper
Kiyoh - Level 72 YJ
Nagori - Level 61 FS RM (aka my jester's buffwhoar)
Hokori - Level 61 Elementor

... and some other nubs under 60 that no one cares about. :D

But yeah. Hi.
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