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i'm so sad right now..considering quitting if it doesn't work out :(

So yeah,

I decided to use some of my cash I've made from the Shade's Respite event.  SOoooooo I used my Spros from the server downtime event, and my Suns from the Shade event to get my Historic Knuckle from +8 to +10  THAT went in 16 Spros from 8 to pretty good overall.  THEN I apparently got greedy.  I decided what the hell, i've got some Ruby pieces (enough for like 11 or 12 Rubies) and the suns/moons to make oriculums, so I go to Flaris and buy like 12 XPros, and start to try to Ultimate it.  6 tries in, all fails, of course.  THEN on the 7th or 8th try, I forget which one, it fails, BUT the Knuckle is destroyed.  I did the same thing on that one I did on every other one, but it failed and broke my +10 HK with 1% Crittycakes awaken :(

I'm so sad...hoping the GM's feel pitty on my poor soul and decide to restore it :(

just thought i'd share my sob story for the evening.  Sigh.
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