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So...first entry in this community

Yeah, hi, I'm from Demian. Just wanted to say Hi. Thought this community would be right for me, since I play Flyff lolz.

Anyway, I have almost ALL the jobs in the game, except the Mage classes. Knights, by far, are my favorite even though they are mediocre in-game ;-;

Hmm, guess I'll list all my characters

heavymetalfan - 7x FSRM (Active)
AoErulz - 9x Knight (Retired)
BPRulz - 7x BP (Active)
YJapparently - 6x YJ (Retired)
Hoshizen - 6x Blade (Retired)
Mortification - 6x Ranger (Retired)

Though I don't have a lot of high levels. None in fact *doesn't consider 90 high* I'll try to help anyone with anything, since before I start a character, I try and learn all I can about the job and skills entailed in the job.
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