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Welcome to the FlyFF (Fly for Fun) livejournal community moderated by megmog.

FlyFF (Fly for Fun) is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer RPG) made by the Korean company, Aeonsoft. It's a 3D-graphics game that is very similar to Gravity's Ragnarok Online and R.O.S.E Online in style and system. If you've played those 2 games before, the job class system probably won't be too new for you.

However, FlyFF is different from most MMORPGs because of the Flight system. In this game, you can fly around on broomsticks, snowboards, etc. You can also fight enemies while flying. Of course, this skill can only be used once you reach a certain level.

If you like adventure games with a nice community, then FlyFF is definitely for you. Player interaction isn't nearly as important as it is in RO, but all MMORPGs are more fun when played with friends.

What to post
1. Questions about the game that are not already answered.
2. Job guides, opinions on builds and equipment.
3. Quest guides.
4. Icons, fanart, etc.
5. Asking for people to join a party or guild.
6. Selling items.
7. ONE post in which you post all your characters' names and their levels, which you can update as needed

What not to post
1. Drama. Please don't argue and flame others in here.
2. Don't talk about bots or any other hacks and cheats.
3. Community promotions--unless they pertain to FlyFF directly.
4. Don't ask how to use brandish. I keel you! >O

Check the memories before you ask any questions, because I will archive answered questions.

Feel free to post an introduction entry. We'd love to see who's playing! ^_^